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Five Minute FridayEnough:

There was a beautiful sunrise Monday; Magical. Awe brushed me. (more…)


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You know what drives me crazy? unanswered questions. If they hang unanswered long enough, I start not even caring what the answer is. I just want the puzzle to be complete. The story to be finished.

I Want the Answers. (more…)

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I’ve been having a struggle lately. I don’t want to get one the balance beam.

Why God, why? I don’t want to do as he says. So I make up excuses…

Because I need to focus on my school,

because I’m an introvert, not much of a talker,

because it’s too uncomfortable,

(God wouldn’t have us do the uncomfortable, would he?) (more…)

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For those who haven’t seen The Advengers, here are three words: Explosions, Fighting, and Humor.
It’s worth the money. I saw it twice in one week. (bits of spoilers for Avengers may follow.)
The real question I wanted answered ahead of time was

‘Is there any lesson learned besides its bad to steal and kill?’ (more…)

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Easter Morning…

Yes, I got up early…to sing. I wonder (more…)

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The Best Gift


A gift to give

A gift to receive

A gift to teach

A gift to relieve

When time is plenty

When time is tight

When life is smooth

When life has a blight

A gift freely given

A gift, highest price

A gift once chosen,

will last more than twice

the best gift

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