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A Rainy Friday. A Full Friday.

Five Minute Friday


A new school year begins.

New books.

New classes

New teachers.

New fears.

I wish I could do everything easily, but the truth is it’s a challenge. I try to think hard enough., I try to be fast enough, but someone always seems faster and smarter. I get frustrated, angry and want to go back to bed. Why bother to stretch? I want to do so many other things. (more…)


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[Forgive me for no posts for a week. I had a busy week with laughing children, “summer school” with a friend and volunteering.]

Have you ever gotten in the habit of praying? I haven’t; especially this last week. I’ll do it later. I’ll do it before bed. Recently, thought, I’ve been reading about prayer.

So many have said praying more has brought them closer to God. It helps them get through the craziness as well as calm moments where you need to give Him thanks.

Problem: As a high school girl, my life is crazy. (more…)

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