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Hey y’all,

I’ve been busy at a two day work shop on writing essays, so needless to say my brain has been taxed a bit, but while factional information has been depleted, my fictional abilities were begging to be used. So, below is a story I hope you enjoy. 😉 A bit silly and little childish, but I find it funny. Hope you enjoy.

The Dragon Show

            Malory Janet seems like a normal girl. She goes to school, she does her homework and she does her chores. Of course Mrs. Macgregory new otherwise. Malory visited Mrs. Macgregory, the little old lady, who lived on Malory’s street. Her house on the outside looked like a little old ladies house, with flowers in front of the porch, but inside there were exotic plants everywhere. Covering the walls where paintings of Lions, beavers, Kangaroos and gorillas. (more…)


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Some people when they think of summer in Florida they picture a sandy, breezy beach with the sun setting or maybe a bunch of kids laughing in a perfectly green backyard with a pool nearby.  Not me. Boiling humidity, that shade can’t cure, comes with the sun, but of course first comes the lightning and gray skies.

The other day, it was the lightning. It flashed every other second. Like popcorn….with a light show.

Needless to say, our computers where unplugged, so I had plenty of time for reading. To me, the days when it drizzles in and out all day are the perfect days for reading. Good background noise I guess. Or is it the fact I think rain is magical?

Anyway, I thought I’d share some quotes from my favorite books, as well as from one I’ve been reading. The age range of some of these are considered to be children’s, but to put it in my favorite author’s words:

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not (more…)

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