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It stares at me with evil eyes.


I avoid it at best I can; put it off, decide I’m too busy now, but I know I can’t avoid it. (more…)


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The feeling didn’t start till 8th grade; The feeling that I could be doing more. I had stopped doing ballet the year before and suddenly a light bulb of realization turned on.

First I looked back and saw all the days of practicing since kindergarten hadn’t been filled with as much purpose as I thought. Oh yes, I loved ballet, (still do) but it didn’t seem to fulfill the inner goal in my heart. It was sort of like a long passage of description at the beginning of a book. Sure it may be interesting enough , but it does nothing to move the story along. (more…)

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Five Minute Friday

I’m learning to love Fridays. Today’s word (funny, I was thinking about this) Story.


When I look back on my life story, I sometimes see a bore. (more…)

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