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I really like a good book that I can relate to, has a sprinkle of romance and is filled brimming with truths. These thinking books with humor of everyday life are my favorite. I have just finished such a book and it’s helped me look at the little actions of everyday in a different light.

Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss starts as a journal of a fifteen year old girl determined to keep a journal. (I was captivated right away because I am trying to do the same.)

It is not the story of every waking moment, rather it’s a story of her walk with God and how it affects her life. She is by no means perfect. She has a quick tongue and a distracted mind. She is constantly groaning and laughing at her own mistakes saying, ‘why must I have this or that fault?’ I couldn’t help but groan and giggle along with her. It reminded me a bit of a Jane Austin story.

Latter on she goes through the ordeal of a first love, wifehood,  motherhood and losing loved ones. While I best related to her girlhood and early womanhood, I can say I gleaned quite a lot of advice for my walk with God all throughout the book. Her wit and wisdom grabbed my interest at every page.

An example of wisdom: (explaining a young Christian’s walk)

“What would you think of a man who, having just sowed his field, was astonished not to see it at once ripe for harvest, because his neighbor’s, after long months of waiting, was just being gathered in?” pg.57 Stepping Heavenward

An example of humor:

“So she hates you, does she? I am charmed to hear it. Indifference would be an alarming symptom, but good, cordial hatred, or what looks like it, is a most hopeful sign.” pg. 119 Stepping Heavenward

          This book helped me so much with the simple things like praying, daily devotions and the simple duties of everyday life. I admit I got a little disinterested nearer to the end, but this is perhaps because I’m not quite near that part of my life right now.

          I would recommend this to: girls, young women, women, and mothers. I could see this as a great discussion started for a book club or a mother daughter spending time together. I most certainly will read it over again to draw more from its pages.


Question: What about you? Read any good books fill with truth that interested you? I’d like to hear about them. 😉


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Happy Fourth of July Everyone! Hope your BQ or whatever traditions you have work out nicely. 😉

Today, movie conversations:

[A mother/daughter movie: Merida and her mother, Queen Elinor, clash in Brave. ©2012 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.]

I saw Brave a little while ago. I liked it. Before I saw it I was scared it would be one of those ‘Girl are awesome so we should act like men’ sort of movie. Okay, I learned my lesson. Never judge a movie by its preview.

So, what conversations can be started by this movie? (more…)

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Some people when they think of summer in Florida they picture a sandy, breezy beach with the sun setting or maybe a bunch of kids laughing in a perfectly green backyard with a pool nearby.  Not me. Boiling humidity, that shade can’t cure, comes with the sun, but of course first comes the lightning and gray skies.

The other day, it was the lightning. It flashed every other second. Like popcorn….with a light show.

Needless to say, our computers where unplugged, so I had plenty of time for reading. To me, the days when it drizzles in and out all day are the perfect days for reading. Good background noise I guess. Or is it the fact I think rain is magical?

Anyway, I thought I’d share some quotes from my favorite books, as well as from one I’ve been reading. The age range of some of these are considered to be children’s, but to put it in my favorite author’s words:

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not (more…)

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For those who haven’t seen The Advengers, here are three words: Explosions, Fighting, and Humor.
It’s worth the money. I saw it twice in one week. (bits of spoilers for Avengers may follow.)
The real question I wanted answered ahead of time was

‘Is there any lesson learned besides its bad to steal and kill?’ (more…)

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