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False Reflections

False reflection, that I see;

Showing nothing wrong with me;

Showing ideal and perfection;

Truly this is false reflection.

I am broken. I will fall.

By no means am I smartest of all.

False reflection, that I see;

Saying more, I must be.

Pride will fall. Beauty is vain.

All things fail without His reign

With my Savior, I confess,

Only can I be at rest.

True reflection, now I see

I am broken, but He is key.


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What is Exotic?

A poem finished. Hope you all are having fun summers. ūüėČ

[Back story: Before the¬†beginning of one school year, ¬†my ¬†teacher had us do a fun question sheet. One question asked,¬†‘Whats the most exotic place you’ve been?’¬†My answer: ” Uh…¬†Branson¬†Missouri.” Really, I don’t get around much.¬†Here’s the poem inspired by that.]

What is Exotic?

Grandpa’s farm is Exotic to me (more…)

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I’ve been having a struggle lately. I don’t want to get one the balance beam.

Why God, why? I don’t want to do as he says. So I make up excuses‚Ķ

Because I need to focus on my school,

because I’m an introvert, not much of a talker,

because it’s too uncomfortable,

(God wouldn’t have us do the uncomfortable, would he?) (more…)

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Okay, I know that faith is not by works, but just as a disease causes symptoms, I think God has placed many things on my heart to do.

Problem: I don’t always do them. (more…)

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Easter Morning…

Yes, I got up early‚Ķto sing. I wonder (more…)

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Your Best

To many deadlines on papers to meet. I’ll write more tomorrow, but for now¬†an old poem of mine:

Your Best

If you try your best

Then try again

If you start at the beginning

And hold on till the end

If you reach and stretch

As far as you can bend

Then you have done well my friend

A. GraceS.

P. S. Question: When was the last lime you found it hard to do your best?

Trying to answer that question for myself right now.

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The Best Gift


A gift to give

A gift to receive

A gift to teach

A gift to relieve

When time is plenty

When time is tight

When life is smooth

When life has a blight

A gift freely given

A gift, highest price

A gift once chosen,

will last more than twice

the best gift

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