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False Reflections

False reflection, that I see;

Showing nothing wrong with me;

Showing ideal and perfection;

Truly this is false reflection.

I am broken. I will fall.

By no means am I smartest of all.

False reflection, that I see;

Saying more, I must be.

Pride will fall. Beauty is vain.

All things fail without His reign

With my Savior, I confess,

Only can I be at rest.

True reflection, now I see

I am broken, but He is key.


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[Forgive me for no posts for a week. I had a busy week with laughing children, “summer school” with a friend and volunteering.]

Have you ever gotten in the habit of praying? I haven’t; especially this last week. I’ll do it later. I’ll do it before bed. Recently, thought, I’ve been reading about prayer.

So many have said praying more has brought them closer to God. It helps them get through the craziness as well as calm moments where you need to give Him thanks.

Problem: As a high school girl, my life is crazy. (more…)

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I’ve been learning what it means to be a girl or woman. The world tells me I have to be as tough as a guy, as fast as a guy, and to dress as a guy.

Easter Sunday, (aside from a very close friend) all my girl friends were wearing jeans. I felt a little out of place in my long (not to mention old fashion) (more…)

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